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Locate Lessons

How To Book

To start swimming with us we require you to complete a registration form. You can then book yourself or your child onto a swimming programme near you.

Register Now

Alternatively you can contact our support team for more information on 0844 736 9047 or cslcustomerservice@communityswimming.co.uk.

To book swimming lessons with CSL you first need to register on our bookings site.

The registration process will ask you questions about yourself and/or your children.

You will be asked to give information on your child’s swimming ability. Please see the Learn to Swim Framework.

If you are unsure of your/your child’s ability, please leave the section blank and one of our support team will contact you. (Please note all children are assessed on their first lesson. If a child is in the wrong lesson, parents/guardians are advised and the swimmer is moved to the appropriate class for their ability).

Once Registered you will then be given a log in and password and you will be able to view all our sessions and book your lessons as required.

Find a Pool

Find A Pool

You can find your nearest pool on our bookings site CSLbookings.co.uk.

Term Dates

Community Swimming term dates 2015.


Monday lessons: 17 Weeks

Tuesday-Saturday lessons: 18 weeks

Term Starts Monday 17th August
Term Ends Saturday 19th December
Pay By Date 27th July / Monday 5th October


Monday- Wednesday Lessons: 15 Weeks

Thursday- Saturday lessons:16 weeks

Term Starts Thursday 3rd September
Term Ends Saturday 19th December
Assessment Date 2nd November
Pay By Date 1st December
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